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“Taking America’s Political Pulse from Coast to Coast”                                     Sunday 6-8 p.m.(CT)     
“Taking America’s Political Pulse from Coast to Coast”                                     Sunday 6-8 p.m.(CT)
1/7/18     Mark Gonzales, Nigel Raab, Karen Siegemund
1/14/18     Larry Greenfield, Peter Kelly, Leo Wolinski
1/21/18     Amara Enyia, Stephanie Hitt, Michael Lotus, Roberto Montano
1/28/18     Michael Bauer, Nick Kalm, Charles Lipson, Dave Lundy
  2/4/18     Michael Bauer, Alexandra Eidenberg, Jennifer Nevins, Chris Robling
  2/11/18     Patrick Cotter, Gail Eisenberg, Josh Kantrow, Michael Lotus
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